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    Myo-Release Ball

    Help your clients find the release from pain they're looking for or perform myofascial release exercises on yourself with Power System's myofascial release ball. Our Myo-Release Ball is firm, solid, durable, and specifically designed for use in myofascial release techniques..


    • Equalize muscle tension throughout the body
    • Treat trigger points based on size and sensitivity
    • Spread out force over muscle area, or target a small part of the muscle to penetrate the tissue more deeply


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    Power System's myofascial release balls provide a solid, lightweight, and uncrushable tool for performing myofascial release techniques. Available in two different sizes, our therapy balls can be used to treat specific trigger points or to spread force over a large muscle area. Because they keep their shape and do not absorb moisture or bacteria, these myofascial release training tools can be used by multiple clients, making them equally useful in a gym as they are in the home.


    • Heat-sealed, closed-cell EVA foam construction
    • Two colors available: blue and black
    • Does not absorb moisture or bacteria
    • Available in two diameters

    Additional Information

    Myofascial release therapy helps to relieve pain triggered by the myofascial tissues - tough membranes that connect and support the muscles. Pain from this area is often difficult to pinpoint, but therapy with a myofascial release ball can help to relieve the discomfort.
    Myofascial release balls can be a useful supplement to a variety of training programs. Whether you're a physical therapist, a trainer interested in expanding the tools your clients have available, or a fitness enthusiast interested in learning more about myofascial release, Power System's Myo Release ball can help relieve pain and improve muscle and joint movement. These tools are lightweight, easy to transport and store, and can be used by multiple clients.
    Our myofascial release balls are a popular choice among physical therapists and personal trainers. Integrating this type of equipment into your own training strategy may make a huge difference in how you feel and perform. To learn more about myofascial release therapy, talk to your therapist or trainer, and give our myofascial release ball a try.



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    Myo-Release Ball 6", Regular, Black 80271 80271 -- -- $24.39
    Myo-Release Ball 6", Regular, Blue 80270 80270 -- -- $24.39
    Myo-Release Ball 8", Large, Black 80273 80273 -- -- $29.39
    Myo-Release Ball 8", Large, Blue 80272 80272 -- -- $29.39


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    1.Erin on 6/10/2010 I love this ball. It easily fits in my backpack so I always take it to the gym with me and roll on it after each cardio session I have. I use it mostly on my legs and hips. Thanks for such a great product!
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