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    Web-Slide Exercise Rail System

    This rail system from Power Systems organizes and streamlines your clients’ training sessions, thus improving clinic to home transitions and enhancing your facility’s efficiency. This system is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who regularly use everyday weight training equipment such as tubing, bands and pulleys. By having everything in one place, you can more effectively train and monitor your clients as they work towards and achieve their fitness goals.

    Using the Web-Slide Exercise Rails:

    • Provide a multi-level, multi-tube exercise system
    • Are ideal for sports specific training or rehabilitation
    • Comes with a storage rack for extra tubing
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    A Power Systems Brand! This multi-level, multi-tube exercise system provides an effective full-body resistance workout, making it ideal for fitness, sport-specific training, and rehabilitation. This Web-Slide Rail System is based on a wall-mounted, space-saving design that takes up absolutely no floor space. The easy-to-mount system attaches to any wall stud, and the resistance tubes quickly slide into place along the rail for the desired angle and height of each exerciser. Tubing sold separately.


    • Mounts to any stud
    • Comes with a 3-piece wall tower (each piece has a total of 5 attachment points)
    • Comes with storage rack that holds up to 16 tubes
    • Rail: 28" W x 6" W
    • Total height: 84"
    • Storage rack: 24" W x 3" H x 2" D
    • Weight: 17 lbs.

    Additional Information

    The Power Systems Web-Slide Exercise Rail System provide all the fixtures you need to deliver full body resistance, traction, stretching and motion-based exercises. Users need only select the appropriate workout bands or weight bands and attach them to the wall mount. There is no learning curve for new users and the range of anchors in the system means your clientele have a wide range of applications at their disposal.
    The system is also good for home use: The anchor strap used to connect the fitness equipment to the rail can be used to attach equipment to any anchor, including a door. Thus your rehabilitation patients can perform the exercises learned at your facility at their home or office - anywhere they have access to a door.



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    1.Thomas on 10/9/2012 Disappointing to say the lease. I asked to talk with the head of customer service. But that that person was to busy. I asked to talk to the President. No suck luck!! My disappointment deal with their advertising. They claim that you are purchasing a total system, when infact, you have to pay extra for the straps. Six straps cost an extra $73 dollars and change. They show you the total system including straps and never memtion that the straps are extra. I would say what kind of a company is this to due business with.
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