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    REP Band - Flat Bands

    Working out with workout bands adds resistance that increases muscles tone and reaches more muscles for a more effective workout. For the many people who are sensitive to latex, most standard work out bands made are not appropriate or safe for them to use. The REP Bands fill the need for a versatile, inexpensive exercise tool that doesn’t irritate skin.

    Using flat bands:

    • Adds resistance to all types of exercises that you already do
    • Increases the number of muscles targeted for a better overall workout
    • Increases impact without the need for weights


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    REP Bands are a good choice for people who are unable to use Power Systems strength bands for a more versatile workout. Unlike free weights, the best resistance bands are cost-efficient enough that you can keep a full range of resistances available for your personal use or for any fitness class.


    • Available in 5 different resistance levels
    • Available in 6 yard and 50 yard dispenser rolls allow the exercise bands to be cut to desired length
    • Latex and powder-free

    Additional Information

    All of the rep bands from Power Systems are durable, affordable, and versatile. Few types of exercise equipment have the versatility to cause such an impressive impact during all type of workouts while being as affordable as these flat bands are.
    Add the resistance of an REP band into bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, push-ups and many other exercises to create stronger muscles, burn more calories, and get a more toned body. Simply cut the appropriate length of flat band from the resistance level you want to use and attach to the flat band handles (sold separately) to create a custom workout tool that is right for your height dimensions and your fitness level.
    If you have been performing the same exercises for a long period of time, you probably aren’t getting the same degree of results that you did in the beginning. Increasing reps may help you increase the number of calories you burn, but increasing the resistance by adding resistance bands to your routine will help you increase the impact on your muscles, including those that you weren’t even reaching before.
    Stretching bands have long been used for rehabilitation after accidents, illnesses and surgery. For people who want to continue their physical therapy at home and who may be more sensitive to irritants than they were before, latex-free REP bands are the safest, most effective way to continue to strengthen your muscles.
    REP Bands add safety and comfort to the many benefits of using resistance bands.
    Now you can enjoy the total-body workout that everyone else is talking about.

    Flat Band Thickness and Color Chart
    LabelThickness (mm)
     Extra Light
     Extra Heavy



    Part No.

    Item No.

    Ship Weight

    Ship Dimensions


    REP Band - Flat Bands 6 yd., Extra Light- Peach 84975 84975 -- -- $9.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 6 yd., Light- Orange 84980 84980 -- -- $10.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 6 yd., Medium- Green 84985 84985 -- -- $11.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 6 yd., Heavy- Blue 84990 84990 -- -- $12.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 6 yd., Extra Heavy- Plum 84995 84995 -- -- $13.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 50 yd., Extra Light- Peach 85115 85115 -- -- $49.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 50 yd., Light-Orange 85120 85120 -- -- $59.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 50 yd., Medium- Green 85125 85125 -- -- $74.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 50 yd., Heavy- Blue 85130 85130 -- -- $84.99
    REP Band - Flat Bands 50 yd., Extra Heavy- Plum 85135 85135 -- -- $95.99


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    1.Richard on 1/29/2017 Just what the dr ordered!
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