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    PowerForce Free Standing Bag

    A Power Systems brand. This free-standing punching bag is literally the best on the market. It provides all of the benefits of a hanging heavy bag, but without the expense.

    Powerforce Free-Standing Bag:

    • Practice strikes and kicks without the need for a hanging bag
    • Weighted base can be filled with up to 280 pounds of water or sand
    • Large striking surface allows use by any size user

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    If you are a boxer, kickboxer, or martial artist, kicking and punching an MMA free-standing bag is an absolute necessity to increase your strength and power, and provide the feel of actually dealing with an opponent. Unfortunately, for home users and even some gyms with low or weak ceilings, a heavy hanging bag is not really a viable option. To install one in buildings open to the public may require building permits, renovations, and new structures that far exceed the cost of the bag itself.
    The main benefit of Power Systems' Powerforce Free-Standing Bag, of course, is that it requires no ceiling support; its heavy-duty base can be filled with enough water and sand that the bag itself is never going to tilt or fall over, even when struck by the most powerful athletes. But if you need to move the MMA training bag to another location in your facility, you can easily do this by rolling it with a dolly or removing the water from the base during the move.


    • 77-inch height and 65-inch striking surface and 3 height settings accommodate users of all sizes
    • 33-1/2-inch base can be filled with sand or water for stability
    • Removable foam collar increases or decreases the pivoting of the bag
    • Bag and collar are covered in durable fabric backed by nylon canvas and open-cell padding

    Additional Information

    The outer shell of this quality exercise equipment is designed to absorb strikes without scraping or damaging one's hands, even when used without gloves. And the spring-mounted base of the Powerforce Free-Standing Bag provides additional shock absorption. Like all of the boxing equipment and kickboxing equipment we sell at Power Systems, this standing bag is designed to provide years of service.
    So to provide the martial artists and boxing enthusiasts among your client base with the heavy bag they need, but without the expense and risk of having to install a ceiling mount for a hanging bag, contact Power Systems today and check out the Powerforce Free-Standing Bag. You'll be happy you did.



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    1.Power on 5/28/2009 This is an excellent kickboxing bag. I didn't have a place to hang a hanging bag in my home gym so I need a freestanding model. This bag is very stable and seems pretty durable.
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