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    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball

    The medicine ball has been in use in one form or another for thousands of years to help people improve their strength, range of motion and meet their fitness goals. Power Systems is pleased to introduce to you our range of medicine ball with handles to increase the functionality and diversity of your fitness ball training.

    CorBall Plus Medicine Balls:

    • Dual handgrip adds more functional and diverse training to your workout.
    • Ideal for abdominal training and rotational movements.
    • Available in 10 different weights and colors.


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    A Power Systems Brand! Combine Elite Power Med-Ball and the Power Grip-Ball and you get the CorBall Plus Medicine Ball. This dual handgrip ball is designed to add more functional and diverse training to your workout. The handles attach to a weighted medicine ball is ideal for abdominal training, rotational movements and strength training. Solid molded handles with textured grips are tightly attached to the exercise ball to provide a more secure, comfortable hold and greater durability for intense training conditions. The hollow rubber-like construction of the Power Systems brand Corball Plus Medicine Ball allows for adequate bounce to add more variety and interest to your workout. With various color-coded weights, you can choose your best medicine ball quickly and easily so you’ll never miss a beat looking for the right equipment.


    • Solid molded handles with plastic textured grips
    • Hollow synthetic rubber construction
    • 9" diam
    • Color coded by weight
    • Colors may vary
    • 3 year limited warranty
    • Available in 10 different weights and colors

    Additional Information

    Our synthetic rubber medicine balls with handles are an excellent choice to help improve your fitness, add variety to workouts, and help target the abs. Having handles attached to our workout ball makes it easier for users to grip the ball without worrying about dropping it during fast twisting and lifting motions.

    At Power Systems, we pride ourselves on offering the best fitness and rehabilitation products at the best prices. Browse our selection of these and other Power Systems brand medicine ball for sale at power-systems.com to find what you’re looking for.



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    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 6 lbs. - Peach 28306 28306 -- -- $43.99
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 8 lbs. - Teal 28308 28308 -- -- $48.99
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 10 lbs. - Burnt Orange 28310 28310 -- -- $55.99
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 12 lbs. - Red 28312 28312 -- -- $61.39
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 14 lbs. - Royal Blue 28314 28314 -- -- $69.39
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 16 lbs. - Yellow 28316 28316 -- -- $73.39
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 18 lbs. - Tan 28318 28318 -- -- $78.39
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 20 lbs. - Gray 28320 28320 -- -- $83.69
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 25 lbs. - Purple 28322 28322 -- -- $94.69
    CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 30 lbs. - Forest Green 28324 28324 -- -- $104.99


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