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    First marketed in 1987, The Body Bar® has become one of the most popular and versatile pieces of exercise equipment in use today. It is a one-piece weighted fitness bar made of solid steel and encased in easy-grip rubber to provide a secure and comfortable grip.
    Body bars are often used in group exercise programs and aerobics classes, but can also be used in the fitness center by athletes working on their own. A weighted body bar's versatility also makes it perfect for personal training, home workouts, or physical therapy.

    The Body Bar:

    • Easy to learn, easy to use
    • User-friendly, cost-effective, and versatile
    • Can be used in a wide variety of workouts


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    The Body Bar's versatility is summed up in its marketing slogan – "One Bar, Infinite Workouts."

    The versatility of the weighted exercise bar allows it to be utilized in a wide variety of workouts, including aerobics classes, strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, martial arts and kick boxing, balance and alignment, Pilates, yoga, and flexibility training.


    Power Systems offers the basic Body Bar, the Mini Body Bar (to add resistance to core exercises and for wrist rotations), and the Body Bar FLEX (used to develop strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and endurance.

    • Available in a variety of weights and configurations
    • Solid steel, one-piece construction, built to last
    • Covered with rubber to provide a comfortable, secure grip

    Naturally, Power Systems also sells the Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack, with room for up to 24 Body Bars.

    Additional Information

    The Body Bar is inexpensive enough that individual athletes who have benefitted from using it in the gym can purchase one or more weighted bars for home use. A number of top fitness instructors have already created DVD-based workouts based on workout bars. Whether in a class setting or at home, one of the reason that many athletes love The Body Bar is that unlike free weights they don't have to interrupt their workout to change weights, and can thus keep the momentum of their workout going without allowing their muscles to rest.
    So whether you are looking for versatile exercise equipment for your training center / professional workout facility, or looking for equipment to recommend to your clients for home use, The Body Bar may be just what you are looking for.



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    Body Bar 3 lbs., 4' - Aqua 91303 91303 -- -- $31.99
    Body Bar 4 lbs., 4' - Red 91304 91304 -- -- $30.99
    Body Bar 6 lbs., 4' - Orange 91306 91306 -- -- $33.99
    Body Bar 9 lbs., 4' - Pink 91309 91309 -- -- $40.99
    Body Bar 12 lbs., 4' - Blue 91312 91312 -- -- $46.99
    Body Bar 15 lbs., 4' - Green 91315 91315 -- -- $51.99
    Body Bar 18 lbs., 4' - Yellow 91318 91318 -- -- $61.99
    Body Bar 24 lbs., 4'- Black 91324 91324 -- -- $79.99
    Body Bar 30 lbs., 5' - Gray 91330 91330 -- -- $97.99
    Body Bar 36 lbs., 6' - Blue 91336 91336 -- -- $108.99


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    1.bob on 12/8/2014 the ligher bars need to be longer for us who are older and less flexible. A six foot 9 lb would be nice!
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