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    POWER SYSTEMS BRAND. The closed-loop design of this 2" flat band fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs, so you can exercise the muscles of the hips and legs. Versa-Loop: 12" L.

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    POWER SYSTEMS BRAND. The closed-loop design of this 2" flat band fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs, so you can exercise the muscles of the hips and legs. The 12" long Versa-Loops are ideal for short, limited movements. 

    Versa-Loop: 12" L. 2" W.



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    Versa-Loops Extra light, Yellow 84800 84801-EL -- -- $3.25
    Versa-Loops Light, Green 84805 84801-LT -- -- $3.45
    Versa-Loops Medium, Red 84810 84801-MD -- -- $3.75
    Versa-Loops Heavy, Blue 84815 84801-HV -- -- $3.95
    Versa-Loops Extra heavy, Black 84820 84801-XH -- -- $4.25
    Versa-Loops Ultra heavy, Gray 84821 84801-UH -- -- $4.45


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    1.Danee on 7/28/2014 I purchased a red and a blue for over $10 each at my PT office. They both snapped within 6 months. Am I'm a 118lb female, so it's not like I'm a brute! I called the company and they would no replace. BAD-BAD BUSINESS! I Do not recommend. If the company would have replace them, I would have left a better rating for the company but not the product itself.
    2.Jonathan on 5/7/2014 would not even rate it as a 1 terrible and seem to be getting worse as the outsourcing continues. so much so that we have taken our business to alternate vendors. Power systems used to be my one stop shop. Step your game up
    3.Darren on 6/12/2013 The bands are great for what we use them for, but they don't last long at all. We go through 10 per month. I'd expect a little better quality.
    4.anne on 12/7/2012 A trainer introduced me to these bands - I started with the green one, worked my way through the red and now I'm on the blue. I do leg extensions for my quads, which has become super important since I've had knee surgery. The bands have lasted for many months. Someone else said in her studio, they don't last so it may be that they can't stand up to wear and tear of many people using them. But I work use them maybe three times a week and I've been very happy with them.
    5.Lisa on 3/12/2011 I love the versa cuff products. But when we have bought the versa loops, they last a very short time and we find ourselves reordering way too soon for my personal training studio. We don't even use them on the floor, just around the wrist and ankles to prevent wear. Love you guys but not the versa loops.
    6.Jose on 12/28/2010 I use them on a daily basis for stretching and various routines. Everyone should own a pair of different tensions. They are great!
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    Showing comments 1-6 of 6

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