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    Resistance bands are versatile pieces of home fitness equipment that will go to the gym, studio or on the road. They allow you to work in a wider range-of-motion than possible with weight and provide the same versatility that you can get using cable machines or door jams.

    Using Double Cords:

    • Allows you to work in multiple planes of movement
    • Offers various levels of intensity
    • Allows you to work out with a partner or with a stabilized object


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    The Double Cords are a Power Systems Brand product! Like all Power systems brand tubing, they are made with a unique layering process that makes them durable enough for use in commercial settings. They are also versatile enough for use at home or during travel.


    • Available in 6 resistance levels from extra-light to ultra-heavy
    • Double tube tension bands adds resistance
    • Color coded by resistance level
    • Nylon handles with PVC grips

    Additional Information

    Exercise bands are one of the most affordable types of exercise or sports equipment you can buy. They provide an effective full-body workout to any person at any fitness level. Even trained athletes can benefit from training with Double Cords at the highest levels of resistance.
    Many people believe that a resistance workout falls short of a workout using weights. Although weights are still the desired workout tool for anyone who is focused on increasing strength, fitness bands offer some advantages of their own. They increase the number of muscles you use during your workout for better whole-body toning.
    Double Cords are great for working out with a partner or for using alone. At the gym, team up with another class member or secure the resistance bands to a piece of sturdy gym equipment. There are many exercises that you can perform using the Double Cords that simulate the use of cable machines while giving you an even more comprehensive workout.
    For commercial settings, the Double Cords kit includes one of each intensity level to accommodate all of your class members. Each is color coded according to the resistance level for easy identification. Offering a variety of resistance levels will allow your students or athletes to go to the next level so that they are constantly challenging themselves and increasing their fitness level. You can also purchase fitness bands individually in the resistance levels that you need for your team.
     No other type of fitness equipment is more effective, affordable or versatile than Double Cords fitness bands. These characteristics, along with the Power Systems quality, make them a must-have for use in any home or fitness facility. Order your Double Cords and see how much of a difference working with resistance can have on your total body fitness.



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    Double Cords Extra Light, Orange 84649 84649 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Light, Lime Green 84651 84651 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Medium, Red 84652 84652 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Heavy, Lt Blue 84655 84655 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Extra Heavy, Purple 84657 84657 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Ultra Heavy, Gray 84658 84658 -- -- $23.99
    Double Cords Kit,includes all 6 resistances 99970 99970 -- -- $143.99


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    1.Leonard on 7/24/2014 Part number 84656 (Double Cords Extra Heavy, Black): these cords are great! The handles are very comfortable. I am using the nylon anchor strap to secure to an eye-bolt or a bar (on a Smith machine). I've been using the cords for a week now. The quality seems to be excellent and they should last a long, long time. They have exceeded my expectations! I would recommend these cords with no reservation at all!
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