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    Exercise stretch bands are versatile tools that can be used in Pilates, conditioning, strength training and more. Although elastic workout bands are simple to use, they are also extremely effective. The Versa-Cuff combines the effectiveness of exercise stretch bands with the comfort and convenience of padded cuffs to make it even easier and more effective to perform multi-directional movements.

    Using stretch bands:

    • Adds resistance to your movements
    • Results in a safer workout than with heavy weights
    • Works more of the muscles in your body


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    The Versa-Cuff is a Power Systems Brand product. Like all of our elastic exercise bands, the tubing on the Versa-Cuff is made with our unique layering process to give it the durability for use in institutional or commercial settings. The double-lock system keeps the resistance tubes securely in place while the Velcro straps hold the cuff securely and comfortably on your legs.


    • Available in 6 different resistance levels
    • The extra-light and light resistance levels can be used for rehabilitation
    • Easy portability makes exercise stretch bands great for travel

    Additional Information

    For anyone wondering where to buy resistance bands that will hold up to commercial or industrial use, Power Systems offers a variety of solutions to meet any need. Versa-Cuff has the added convenience of staying securely in place during leg exercises so you can work out in any setting without the need to secure the other end like you do with flat stretching bands. 
    For beginners who are just starting a fitness program or who have no experience using workout rubber bands, the Versa-Cuff with extra light or light resistance tubing will provide you with the perfect tool to get started. For those with more experience or who are ready to advance to the next level, the medium to heavy resistance exercise bands will work out larger muscle groups.
    Athletes who have already achieved a high level of strength and flexibility and who can maintain form and technique during their workouts can benefit from the extra heavy and ultra-heavy Versa-Cuff stretch bands. Choosing the right resistance level is important to make your workout more challenging without causing you to perform the technique incorrectly or put too much stress on your joints.
    The Versa-Cuff is an easy way to get the benefits of working out with exercise stretch bands.  Enjoy hands-free exercise that will increase strength and tone muscles indoors or out.



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    Versa-Cuff Extra Light - Orange 84301 84301 -- -- $11.99
    Versa-Cuff Light - Lime Green 84306 84306 -- -- $12.99
    Versa-Cuff Medium - Red 84310 84310 -- -- $13.99
    Versa-Cuff Heavy - Lt Blue 84316 84316 -- -- $14.99
    Versa-Cuff Extra Heavy - Purple 84321 84321 -- -- $15.99
    Versa-Cuff Ultra Heavy - Gray 84322 84322 -- -- $16.99
    Versa-Cuff - Kit, includes all 6 resistances 99973 99973 -- -- $86.99


    Showing comments 1-13 of 13

    1.Monica on 2/12/2017 Love it
    2.Larry on 12/7/2016 Exactly as expected
    3.mary on 1/26/2016 The product only has a 90 warranty on it for good reason, it is not made to last! Cheap construction and inferior materials. Power Systems does not stand behind their products either. DO NOT purchase these bands unless you want to replace them every couple of months.
    4.Jake on 1/17/2014 As many have rated this product poorly I am neither surprised nor do I wholeheartedly agree. On occasion I have had a versa-cuff tubing tear right out of the cuff on first use. Although disappointing, Power Systems replaced them without question on the spot. As far as the bands' durability, heed Power Systems' recommendation. Tall or exceptionally strong users will blow right through the standard length in short time. I manage a club where these get very heavy use(30 to 50 users per day). When used appropriately and taking the broken cuff out of play, these usually will last 3 to 6 months each. Given the price point, I think that life span is not only acceptable but rather commendable. We take steps to ensure the seams of the tubing aren't in position to rub on the cuffs. The friction of the plastic inserted to keep them together causes the tubing to wear quickly. Also, take care to store bands of any kind out of sunlight. The UV degrades the rubber quickly as well. Of all of the options available as far as products offered by Power Systems or its competitors, I definitely feel this product is BY FAR the best option.
    5.Amy on 7/3/2013 This is a great product if you know how to use it. adds resistance to leg workouts you can't get without expensive equipmentI am surprised it didn't get better reviews. I have been using it for several years now.
    6.David on 6/27/2013 Ok, update on this product from my negative 2011 post. First, there have been no improvements to the quality. In response, I now purchase "bulk" tubing on their site at $25(ish) for 25ft and replace the broken bands my self. Green, red, blue (BTW the blue bands are too tight and the padding isn't enough and it hurts..buy bulk and make them 2 inches longer...problem solved). The cuffs also tear where the tubing goes in (quickly in many instances), so I have my local cobbler stitch them so they don't. The product also tears on the skin/hair they need to fix that too. Many nuances to these cuffs but they are awesome in my classes and they work. Now a response from Power Sytems on the design would be great.
    7.Mike on 3/15/2013 The benefits of the Versa-Cuffs are awesome!. BUT... quality is terrible. I ordered a dozen for my school. We use them primarily during the middle of the school year when we're stuck indoors and make use of our fitness room. They get used maybe once to twice per week. We've had four of them snap in the last two weeks for no reason at all. I contacted the company, they said there's a 90 day warranty so they won't replace them. Equipment should MINIMALLY last the entire school year. VERY POOR QUALITY.... I'm so disappointed. Don't waste your money on them since Power Systems won't back the quality of them.
    8.George on 11/27/2012 I agree with others that the quality of the tubing is low. This is the second product where the tube has snapped. Customer Support would not offer to replace it, said "sorry, this does happen, and the warranty is only 30 days." Given the consistency of the feedback (note other comments below) from the last three years, one would think Power Systems would either "stand behing their product" and replace a defective one, or have improved the quality over the last three years. Neither of which they have done. Having said that, the product concept is great, when it works, I like it very much. The foregoing comments are related to quality.
    9.Power on 11/30/2011 Thank you all for the feedback. We want you to know that we are listening. Please take a few minutes to watch the new video on this page. In this video we outline the proper fit of the Versa-Cuff and proper selection of the Versa-Cuff vs the Versa-Cuff Long, which may be the right choice for some users. Thanks again for your support of Power Systems.
    10.David on 1/2/2011 Agree with the others that the quality of tubing is substandard. They should refund/replace tube failure within 1 year of purchase.
    11.Reynold on 12/2/2010 My versa cuff lasted barely 10 months, using it only 3-4 times a week, 15 reps. Why don't you design the cuffs so the tube can be removed and replaced? Why do we have to replace a pair of perfectly good cuffs?
    12.Lisa on 7/11/2010 As much as I love you guys, all the tubing falls in the bad to just o.k. category. I should have stock in just the versa tube line with as much as I have to replace it. I am with Chris, the other guy who commented. Thanks,
    13.Chris on 7/3/2010 Great product but has zero durability... On average the versa cuffs tubing breaks within 2 months of mild usage. All my clients are 40 years and above and yet the tubes continyue to snap while performing lateral step moves. I think a backup set of tubing should be offererred with each versa cuff...
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    Showing comments 1-13 of 13
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