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    Versa 8

    The figure-8 design of the Versa 8 provides increased resistance when performing 1- and 2-arm exercises. A double-lock system ensures the high-quality tubing doesn't come apart, and the foam handles allow for a comfortable, secure grip.

    Benefits of the Versa 8:

    • Provides increased resistance when performing 1- and 2-arm exercises
    • Double-lock system ensures tubing doesn't come apart
    • Available in 5 different resistance levels


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    Like all Power Systems brand tubing products, Versa 8 resistance bands are produced with a unique layering process to improve longevity in institutional or commercial settings. Please inspect these exercise resistance bands before each use. In institutional settings, we recommended inspecting all tubing products on a 90-day basis to ensure wear and usage is not excessive and to replace as necessary. Available in 5 different resistance levels, the kit comes with one of each resistance level.


    • Pliable foam handles
    • 13 1/2" L
    • Available in 5 different resistance levels

    Additional Information

    The Versa 8 resistance band from Power Systems is one of the most versatile and affordable items of fitness equipment you can buy. For less than $10 you can perform nearly any type of exercise to help enhance core strength and general fitness, no matter what your current fitness level.
    Because they come in a wide variety of resistance levels, you can vary your level during your workout, alternating lighter and heavier resistance days, or even use two at a time for a greater resistance challenge. You can also use them in place of heavier, bulkier equipment such as barbells for exercises like bicep curls.
    A lightweight piece of equipment that is easily transportable and that takes up little storage space, fitness resistance bands are indispensable to any gym’s range of fitness equipment. So try a Versa 8 resistance band from Power Systems today!



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    Versa 8 Extra Light - Orange 84201 84201 -- -- $7.99
    Versa 8 Light - Lime Green 84206 84206 -- -- $8.69
    Versa 8 Medium - Red 84210 84210 -- -- $8.99
    Versa 8 Heavy - Lt Blue 84216 84216 -- -- $9.69
    Versa 8 Extra Heavy - Purple 84221 84221 -- -- $9.99
    Versa 8 - Kit, includes all 5 resistances 99968 99968 -- -- $45.39


    Showing comments 1-4 of 4

    1.Alan on 5/14/2017 The red is great. The next one up blue heavy is way too heavy for the family. I should never of ordered it. Power systems should of gave more details. The red is great for a male and the orange would have been great for my wife.
    2.Peggy on 3/18/2017 Convenient and I can take it anywhere easily. Versatile muscle training.
    3.Dawn on 4/25/2016 I ordered 20 bands for a barre class and within 2 weeks the middle foam piece that creates the figure 8 split and fell off. Within 2 months 11 out of 20 of them had all broken the same way. Not sure why the middle connector piece is not strong enough to withstand what it was designed to do.
    4.Steven J on 10/23/2014 these are simple and very easy to use during a Tabata exercise class
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    Showing comments 1-4 of 4
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