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    Most athletes realize the importance of the vertical jump in sports like basketball and volleyball, but having a strong vertical jump is actually important than many realize for all types of athletes. The vertical jump demonstrates athletic ability based on the measure of their explosive strength and their vertical jump. Before determining how to increase vertical jump, you need to know what your starting point is. The Vertec vertical jump tester is a versatile and accurate tool that will measure your vertical jump within ½-inch throughout your training.

    Using the Vertec:

    • Will provide you with an accurate measurement of vertical jump
    • Allows you adjust height of vanes to measure jumps from 6’ to 12’
    • Lets you follow your progress from vertical jump training such as plyometrics
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    When you perform vertical jump exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of your leg muscles, the Vertec from Jump USA provides you with an accurate measurement tool that allows you to track your progress. As an example to the importance of vertical jumps to evaluating athleticism, the NBA relies on the vertical jump test from several tests to determine the potential success of individual players.


    • Measures in ½-inch increments
    • Steel frame construction
    • Color-coded vanes for easy reading of measurements

    Additional Information

    Vertec is used to monitor vertical jump training results by many high school and college coaches in a variety of sports. The Vertec has become a standard measurement tool for its accurate measurements that are easy to read.
    Athletes in a variety of sports are often surprised by the improvements they see with minimal vertical jump training. Devoting some time to train your legs to build strength and improve balance can have a significant impact on your vertical jump.
    There is no better way to determine if your vertical jump training is working and what your athletic capabilities are than measuring your vertical jump regularly and determining when there are improvements and where adjustments need to be made in your program. Plyometrics are often the exercise type of choice to increase vertical jump, agility, balance and speed.

    Vertec will provide you with a versatile, accurate method of measuring the effectiveness of your plyometrics program. Learning how to increase vertical jump is actually learning how to increase overall athleticism and improve performance in any sport.



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