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    Use weighted clothing such as the VersaFit Vest by Power Systems to increase strength and efficiency during your speed, power and agility drills. By adding weighted clothes to your workout, you can experience a unique fitness training effect that you can’t get from traditional free weight fitness gear.

    Power Systems VersaFit Vest benefits:

    • Padded nylon vest comes with removable sand-filled weight bags.
    • Easily customizable for any workout.
    • Available in 3 different model options.


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    A Power Systems Brand! This padded nylon weight vest comes with removable sand-filled weight bags, so you can quickly customize resistance for any workout. Slide our weighted vest over your head to position the weight evenly around your torso and quickly secure it with the Velcro straps. The VersaFit Vest can be used for plyometric drills, bodyweight exercises and much more, making it the perfect addition to your home gym equipment!


    • Available in 3 different model options
    • Color: Black
    • Comes with removable sand-filled weight bags

    Key Specifications

    • 10 lbs. vest includes ten 1 lb. weights, fits 28" - 48" chest
    • 20 lbs. vest includes twenty 1 lb. weights, fits 32" - 56" chest
    • 40 lbs. vest includes twenty 2 lbs. weights, fits 34" - 62" chest

    Additional Information

    The purpose of weighted vests is to add perfectly distributed weight to body weight exercises, drills and basically any other movement you can imagine. The beauty of this training vest is that, if it’s securely attached to you body and the weight is balanced, weighted clothing is the best, most natural way to mimic extra body mass. This means that anyone can benefit from wearing a weighted vest - from professional athletes to the casual exerciser - to aid in body mass gains or weight loss.
    Studies show that by adding extra weight during exercises such as speed drills and sprints, your lower body muscles are forced to work harder, leading to increased lower body strength, power and speed. If you’re looking to improve your general fitness or lose weight, this is a great tool to kick up your metabolism and add intensity to any workout.
    Power Systems is proud to offer the VersaFit Vest and other weighted clothes options. If you’re a fan of the VersaFit Vest, try our VersaFit Belt, ankle weights, VersaFit Log and other unique pieces of gym equipment.



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    VersaFit Vest 10 lbs. 13227 13227 -- -- $81.69
    VersaFit Vest 20 lbs. 13228 13228 -- -- $101.99
    VersaFit Vest 40 lbs. 13229 13229 -- -- $132.39


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