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    The Uni-Vest weighted workout vest keeps you comfortable while providing you with the added weight you need for added resistance. It’s a great way to carry some extra weight without letting it get in the way. Wear for body building, cardio, or bodyweight exercises to expand energy use and achieve your fitness goals faster. Simply pull over your head and adjust the Velcro straps to fit to your body. The vest has the ability to fit chests up to 80-inches with simple adjustments of the straps.

    Using a Weighted Training Vest:

    • Adds resistance to a broad range of exercises
    • Burns more calories when doing weight-bearing exercises
    • Builds stamina by gradually increasing weight over time


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    The Uni-Vest has Flex-Metal weights of ½ pounds each evenly distributed throughout the vest which conform to your body. This even distribution of weight makes weight vest training comfortable while providing exceptional balance. You have the option to remove any of the weights or to purchase additional weights to increase the intensity of your workouts.


    • Available in two different weight/length combinations
    • Additional .5 pound weights sold separately
    • Vest weighs 1 pound and comes with choice of 9 pounds or 19 pounds of added weight

    Additional Information

    The Uni-Vest is one of the many quality pieces of exercise training equipment that aids in strength and endurance offered at Power Systems. A weighted vest increases the amount of energy you put into your workouts, leading to greater strength. You take in more oxygen when you train to make you more effective once the weight is removed and you are ready to perform.
    The Uni-Vest is designed for ultimate comfort whether you are walking, doing squats, or performing lunges. The distribution of the weights throughout and their flexible design prevents you from feeling weighed down. The ability to remove and add weight also increases your use of the vest for different exercises. With a capacity to fit up to 80-Inch chests, it provides a close fit that performs without causing any interference in any type of weight vest training you want to do.
    Wearing a weighted training vest is virtually effortless. Some people wear them while they run errands by foot just to get more impact from their daily walking. Others wear them while running to increase resistance to all their muscles and build strength. The convenience of adding weight to any exercise while keeping hands free makes it an even more comfortable choice in comparison to using free weights.
    A weighted vest is a highly effective way to build strength and endurance while maintaining balance and comfort. It is also versatile enough to work with almost any athlete of any size.
    If you want to accomplish more from your workouts or training without cumbersome weights, the Uni-Vest is a comfortable, effective solution that will work for you.



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    Uni-Vest 10 lbs. Adjustable, Short 13082 13082 -- -- $136.69
    Uni-Vest 20 lbs. Adjustable, Long 13092 13092 -- -- $231.39


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