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    Rubber Standard Plates

    Cardio barbell sets with standard rubber plates from Power Systems bring the argument about which should come first, cardio or strength training, to an end. Our professional plates and bars combine cardio with strength training to fatigue major muscle groups while increasing the heart rate. The deluxe sets of barbells with rubber weight plates can be used by fitness groups for interval training, to lift with the plates on a barbell, or by holding the plates in their hands during hand-held exercises. The professional quality barbell sets from Power Systems provide an intense workout and are a great way to work out collectively during a fitness class, or individually with barbells.

    Rubber Plates:

    • Are encased in virgin rubber
    • Protect your floors
    • Are easy to read with distinct numerals


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    A Power Systems Brand! Precision cast iron standard rubber weight plates are encased with virgin rubber. Machined holes are 1" diameter. They are etched with distinct numerals for easy reading.


    • Precision cast iron encased with rubber
    • Machined holes are 1” in diameter
    • Etched numerals are distinct for easy reading

    Additional Information

    Both the standard and deluxe barbell sets with weight plates are from Power Systems and offer high quality construction and durability. The deluxe sets are made for the ultimate in comfort and safety to the user and to the facility. For group fitness classes, you will need to have more barbell sets than you do members to ensure everyone has a weight that they are comfortable with. The best way to encourage members to achieve their fitness goals is by providing the quality and selection of equipment to make every effort count. You can’t go wrong with the standard rubber plates, which are designed to deliver an effective workout in every strength-training session.
    Power Systems is a trusted resource of cardio barbell sets and plates to accommodate all types and sizes of fitness settings. Our selection of standard and deluxe products is made from high quality materials that enhance your comfort and provide a more convenient workout experience during a variety of exercises.



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    Rubber Standard Plates - Single - 2.5 lbs. 61636 61636 -- -- $4.99
    Rubber Standard Plates - Single - 5 lbs. 61637 61637 -- -- $9.39
    Rubber Standard Plates - Single - 7.5 lb 61638 61638 -- -- $8.39
    Rubber Standard Plates - Single - 10 lbs. 61639 61639 -- -- $16.39


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