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    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell

    There is no denying the essential need for dumbbells in your fitness class. Traditionally, the dumbbells for sale that were made for class use were large and cumbersome, not to mention the fact that they made a lot of noise every time someone put them on the floor. Power Systems neoprene dumbbells are made in a compact design that is encased in a thick neoprene shell, so the weights are easier to handle and they don’t have the high noise impact that comes from metal against tile or wood.

    Neoprene dumbbells:

    • Provide ideal weight training solutions for group classes
    • Allow for progressive strength training
    • Have a neoprene coating that is safer and more attractive than steel dumbbells


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    Neoprene dumbbells can be purchased individually in twelve different weight options including weights from 1-lb to 10-lbs each as well as 12-lbs and 15-lbs. Power Systems also offers dumbbell sets with a storage rack for the perfect organization of your dumbbell set in your facility. Each neoprene dumbbell is made with a cast iron bell that is formed into a more compact size than the metal dumbbell sets found in many gyms. Each dumbbell has the weight printed on the end so it can be identified while still in the storage rack. Neoprene offers advantages over other materials such as being less slippery when the user gets sweaty and having a better feel overall. Neoprene is also more durable and less prone to splitting than vinyl, making it a more desirable choice for long-term use. The aesthetically pleasing purple neoprene dumbbells from Power Systems are the ideal choice for your aerobics classes.


    • 12 weight options available
    • Cast-iron bell that is more compact than metal dumbbells
    • Dumbbell sets with storage racks available


    Additional Information

    A dumbbell is a powerful yet simple tool for increasing the work your muscles must do to complete any exercise move. Raising even a small amount of weight overhead will increase the impact of the effort while holding a heavier dumbbell in your hands can increase the strength in your leg muscles from doing squats, lunges and other leg-strengthening exercises.

    A good piece of exercise equipment is one that helps you get more impact from your workout. A neoprene dumbbell set from Power Systems will make a great addition to your classes without the damage to your floors that traditional hexagon dumbbells can cause.



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    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 1 lb. 61601 61601 -- -- $2.99
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 2 lbs. 61602 61602 -- -- $3.99
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 3 lbs. 61603 61603 -- -- $4.99
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 4 lbs. 61604 61604 -- -- $5.99
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 5 lbs. 61605 61605 -- -- $6.99
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 6 lbs. 61606 61606 -- -- $8.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 7 lbs. 61607 61607 -- -- $9.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 8 lbs. 61608 61608 -- -- $11.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 9 lbs. 61609 61609 -- -- $12.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 10 lbs. 61610 61610 -- -- $13.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 12 lbs. 61612 61612 -- -- $16.39
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell Single - 15 lbs. 61615 61615 -- -- $19.39


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    1.Catherine on 5/10/2017 Great design. Texture. And color! These dumbbells can be held in your hands in a sweaty hot yoga class and even set to the floor in a down dog position. The color is neutral and the texture grips nicely. Great product and I liked the pricing....much better than other sites!! Order these!
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