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    Pro Olympic Plates

    Get professional quality weights for professional results. If you want the sculpted, built body of your dreams, add these durable barbell weights to your weights set today!

    Power Systems Brand Pro Olympic Plates:

    • Precision cast for accurate weight.
    • Fits a 2" bar sleeve.
    • Available in 6 different weight options.


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    A Power Systems Brand! These Pro Olympic Plates are precision cast for accurate weight. The machined holes and edges offer a great appearance and a smooth feel while they attach to any 2” bar sleeve. These weight plates are sold individually and are available in various weights from 2.5 to 45 lbs to accommodate any fitness level and to provide a tailored challenge to a multitude of muscle systems. Made from durable baked hammertone, you can look forward to using these weights for years to come.


    • Raised numbers for easy identification
    • Fits 2" bar sleeve
    • Baked hammertone
    • Color: Black
    • Available in 6 different weight options

    Additional Information

    Our Olympic weight set is designed to be a dynamic addition for an unstoppable strength routine. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast working out at home or a personal fitness trainer working with weight training clients, these fitness plates can challenge your muscles to become stronger, more balanced and more powerful in more ways than one. As a versatile fitness product, you can use barbell weights as designed, that is, attached to a barbell, or you can lift them as you would free weights, kettle bells or a medicine ball to add variety and versatility to your workout.
    These plates are designed to fit loosely on 2” bars. This is so you can easily and quickly slide them on and off to change weights without wasting time and for safety purposes.
    Unmatched in quality, durability and affordability, Power Systems brand barbell weights and plates are built to last a lifetime. If you love our Pro Olympic Plates, check out other Power Systems strength training exercise equipment.



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    Pro Olympic Plates 2.5 lbs. 61102 61102 -- -- $4.99
    Pro Olympic Plates 5 lbs. 61105 61105 -- -- $8.39
    Pro Olympic Plates 10 lbs. 61110 61110 -- -- $14.39
    Pro Olympic Plates 25 lbs. 61125 61125 -- -- $32.69
    Pro Olympic Plates 35 lbs. 61135 61135 -- -- $44.99
    Pro Olympic Plates 45 lbs. 61145 61145 -- -- $59.39


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    1.Carolyn on 1/5/2017 Just what I needed!
    2.Charlie on 9/4/2016 I am 64 years old and started weight training and training in gyms when I was 12 years old. I say this because I want people to know I have a lot of experience with weight training and weight training equipment. I ordered some Pro Olympic plates on a Friday and received them on the following Thursday. The shipping time was excellent. When they arrived they were professionally packed and protected to prevent damage to the plates. After I opened the boxes, packed two plates to a box, I throughly examined them. First let me say that although these plates were manufactured in China they are well made and are very pleasing to look at. The center holes are machined as well as the rims making them very smooth. The backside of these plates are smooth as well. The plates have a lip around the rim that allows you to more easily grasp and pick up, put on and take off the plate. I measured the diameter of the hole with an outside/inside caliper. The hole measures just a hair over 51 mm allowing them to easily fit over a 50 mm (2 inch) bar sleeve. I then weighed the plates on a scale that is very accurate and all of the plates came within 1% to 2% of being either over or under. I will say though that most of the plates were just slightly over. While the weights are painted black, the numbers showing the weight of the plate are painted white making it easy to read them. Besides looking good just lying on the floor or a plate storage tree they look really good when they are used on your equipment or bars. I can see why they are called Pro Olympic plates because they look and are professional. I would also like to suggest that if you are looking for a good set of collars for your Olympic bars, I highly recommend the Bulldog Collars sold on this sight as well. I have been using them for about four months and they are easy to put on and take off, will hold the weight in place and will not damage the bar sleeves. I have about 5 pairs of collars, some from Ivanko, and the Bulldog Collars have become my favorite. http://www.power-systems.com/p-4334-bulldog-collars.aspx P.S. This is a genuine review and is not falsified.
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    Showing comments 1-2 of 2
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