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    A Power Systems brand! Anyone who has been lifting weights for a while knows that some of the most effective exercises to build strong legs can be performed with a weight bar positioned across your neck or shoulders. The problem is what that squat bar DOES to your neck and shoulders – it's not unusual to find yourself after a workout covered with bruises or with pains that persist for hours. How to prevent this? Invest in Power Systems' Pro Bar Wrap Pad.

    Pro Bar Wrap Pad:

    • The most comfortable weight bar wrap pad on the market
    • Designed to protect your neck and shoulders during heavy lifts
    • 50% thicker than our popular Bar Wrap Pad
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    If you've been in any competitive weight room recently, you've probably seen a number of athletes wrapping a towel around the center of the weight bar before they put it on their shoulders prior to heavy lifting exercises. While this looks as if it provides some protection, the "towel solution" is problematic because it slips and slides on the weight bar and can actually shift enough to make you lose your balance.
    If your experience is that adding some protection to the weight bar before doing your squats helps you do them more comfortably and without injury, then you should really consider "throwing in the towel" and replacing it with Power Systems' Pro Bar Wrap Pad. The pad fits snugly around all standard-size power and Olympic weight bars, and attaches to them securely thanks to Velcro closures. The 1-½-inch high-density foam padding is covered with a sturdy nylon covering, and helps to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders when lifting heavy weights.


    • 1-½-inch nylon-covered foam pad, with Velcro closures
    • 18 inches wide (2 inches wider than our Bar Wrap Pad)
    • Color: black

    Additional Information

    Many customers have commented that one of the best things about our Pro Bar Wrap Pad is that it is small enough to fit easily into your gym bag when traveling around to different gyms or training facilities. With the Power Systems Pro Bar Wrap Pad, your neck and shoulders can have the protection they need wherever you work out.



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    1.Chris on 12/26/2012 This is the best bar pad that I've ever used. I travel to a different gym almost every week and this is the best bar pad that I have ever used. I like it so much that I am going to carry one with me. Probably the best feature of this pad is the density of the foam which keeps the pad from getting stuck in one position.
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