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    Stability Ball Exercises With The VersaBall Pro

    Go ballistic on the ball? The VersaBall PRO stability ball is a heavy duty, burst resistant stability ball, ideal for using dumbbells or barbells or when used by larger athletes or clients. It provides support under heavy loads and with a 2000 lb. static weight limit you can perform a variety of strength, balance, core, flexibility and rehab exercises. The VersaBall PRO is more durable than standard stability balls and if punctured, will slowly deflate. The ball is available in 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm sizes and in three colors: dark purple, dark blue and black. Appropriate stability ball size is determined by user’s height.
    Stability Ball Exercises
    Ball Reverse Lunge
    reverse lundge stability ball exercise Starting Phase: Standing in an upright position with a staggered stance. Hips should be facing forward with elbows at 90 degrees, straight back, abs tight, and knees slightly bent. Rest back foot on the ball with shoelaces face down.
    Action Phase: Fully extend the leg that is on the ball. Lower the body to perform a one leg squat. Bend forward slightly at the waist while maintaining a straight back to assist with balance. To avoid undue stress on the front knee, keep knee directly over the ankle. Return to starting position by extending the front leg and hip. Perform 10 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.
    Benefits: Improves balance, posture, hip and thigh flexibility, and lower body strength.
    Ball Lateral Lunge
    versaball pro exercies Starting Phase: Standing in an upright position with knees slightly bent. Rest one leg (ankle and calf area) on the stability ball, with the foot facing toward the front wall. Elbows should be at or about 90 degrees, back straight, and abs tight.
    Action Phase: Lower the body to perform a one leg squat, keeping the hips and shoulders square and facing forward. The stability ball will roll laterally slightly as you lower you body into the squat. Keep the back straight and upright, with knee directly over the ankle of the squatting leg. Return to starting position by extending the front leg and hip. Perform 10 repetitions, switch sides and repeat.

    Benefits: Improves balance, posture, inner thigh and hip flexibility, and lower body strength.


    Dumbbell Chest Press
    stability ball weight training

    Starting Phase: Begin in a bridge position (as shown in picture above) with shoulders supported on the VersaBall PRO. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and lift chest. The knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle and should not go over the toes. Keep the core muscles tight and hips lifted and in line with the knees. Arms should be even with the shoulders and slightly rotated forward with a 90 degree angle at the elbows. The wrists stay in a neutral and locked position to maintain stability of the dumbbell.

    Action Phase: With dumbbells in hand, extend the arms so that the dumbbells move in an arc motion directly over the chest. Stop the upward movement of the dumbbells just prior to touching each other. After the upward phase is completed begin to slowly lower the dumbbells in the same arc pattern until the elbows are just below the shoulders. Perform ten to twelve repetitions, rest and repeat.

    Benefits: Improves balance, posture, core stability, chest, shoulder, and tricep strength.

    Dumbbell Chest Fly
    stability ball dumbbell exercise

    Starting Phase: Lying in a supine position (on your back), hips up to mid-back are supported on the stability ball. Knees should be at a 90 degree angle directly above the ankles with toes facing the front wall. Grasp the dumbbells in a neutral grip, extend arms overhead with elbows slightly bent.

    Action Phase: With dumbbells overhead and elbows slightly flexed slowly lower the dumbbells until wrists are approximately shoulder level. Contract the chest and shoulder muscles and return to the starting position following the same arc pattern as lowering until dumbbells nearly touch. Perform ten to twelve repetitions, rest and repeat.
    Key Points: Hips, legs and abdominals are working very hard to maintain balance although they are not the primary movers for the exercise. Neck flexors will become fatigued due to lack of support. Weak neck muscles will be a limiting factor initially.

    Benefits: Will strengthen the chest, and shoulder muscles as a primary mover and the legs, hips and abdominals as the primary stabilizers.

    Dumbbell Reverse Fly
    versa ball dumbbell exercises

    Starting Phase: Lie in a prone position with the hips and lower torso resting on the Versa Ball PRO. The legs should be extended with knees slightly bent and shoulder width apart for stability. The feet should be flexed so that the toes can help to stabilize the ball. Arms should be extended down beside the ball. Grasp the dumbbells with palms facing the ball.

    Action Phase: Position the body forward and the arms extended down to the floor. Begin the movement by pulling the scapulae (shoulder blades) together. The arms should be slightly flexed throughout range of motion. Do not raise the weight past shoulder level. Think of pressing the hips and naval in to the ball throughout the range of motion. Movement should be under control and at a steady pace to avoid stress on the lower back and spine. Perform 10-12 repetitions, rest and repeat.
    Key Points: To avoid the possible obstruction due to the size of the ball position the Versa Ball Pro lower toward the hip. This will allow for a greater range of motion. When in the prone position pull the naval to the spine and activate the abdominals to allow for normal breathing.

    Benefits: Improves balance, upper and lower back muscle strength, and external shoulder rotator strength.

    -Power Systems Education Dept., 2006

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