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    My REAL Story



    We love making a difference in the health and fitness of our customers. Power Systems wants you to share the story of your fitness journey! Your experience will encourage others to know they can achieve their fitness goals. Thank you Alyassia for sharing your REAL story!

    POWER SYSTEMS: What is your inspiring success story?

    ALYASSIA: I started my journey after the birth of my third child, when I realized I couldn't fit in any of my clothes. I had outgrown a size 16. I had weighed over 210 pounds and I was depressed, moody, tired and it was reflecting in how I treat not only myself but also my kids. I was too tired to do anything with them that required me to move. I started to work out at the gym and hated the process because I felt like just a number. I was seeing progress, but it was slow. I started to research workouts and methodologies that helped me to lose fat faster. As people saw the changes in me they began to ask for advice and from there grew a real love of fitness and being able to help others on their journeys. Last year I quit my day job as an auditor and took up personal training full time as owner of my own company and part-time trainer for the city of Round Rock. Now I get to help so many others as a personal and group trainer!

    POWER SYSTEMS: What motivated you to achieve your goal?

    ALYASSIA:I was motivated at first by the look of my body as it changed. Then I became motivated because I felt that I was inspiring others.

    POWER SYSTEMS: How has an increase in fitness or living a healthy lifestyle changed your life?

    ALYASSIA:My life has changed in so many ways. I gain a sense of accomplishment with each client's milestone. Personally, I am no longer the moody, grim person that felt trapped in a tired body. I enjoy life and smile every day! Most importantly, I get to play with my kids and they too have become healthier!

    POWER SYSTEMS: What tips would you offer someone trying to reach their goal?

    ALYASSIA:Remember that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Meaning you have to take small steps toward your goal as opposed to trying to jump all in. You'll get overwhelmed and want to quit if you take on too much at once. Reward yourself with things other than food (like SHOPPING!!), and don't be too hard on yourself if you've had a bad day.

    POWER SYSTEMS: Which Power Systems products helped you achieve your goal?

    ALYASSIA:I use Power Systems kettlebell, dumbbells, speed rope, foam roller, versa bar... I could go on and on. I'm a mobile trainer and I love trying new products for my own and my clients' workouts!

    POWER SYSTEMS: If this is a weight loss story, how much weight did you lose and what positive gains resulted?

    ALYASSIA:I lost over 50 pounds, gained lots of lean muscle and found my passion for fitness, coaching, and educating!

    Share your REAL story

    We are all real people with real stories to tell. Whether you have lost weight, overcome a health obstacle, achieved a fitness goal or changed your lifestyle habits, we would love to know what you did to make a positive difference in your health and fitness! Please complete our questionnaire and upload photos that illustrate your success story.

    If we select your story to be featured in our catalog, you will receive a $100 gift card towards Power Systems products!

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